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Benches & Shelves
Benches & Shelves are the perfect addition for any greenhouse.

Controls & Electrical
Allows gardeners the flexibility of installing electricity near your greenhouse without having to call an electrician. Now you can control the operation of your temperature control systems, lights, and other necessary items. 50' Power cord, Line voltage and low voltage timers, Dual 110V and 12 volt, 150 watts maximum, Weather resistant construction for safety and durability, Mounting bosses for easy installation.

Grow Lights
Use light to stimulate flowering and healthy, vigorous growth. This greenhouse accessory is a must have for tropical plant growers.

What type of heat are you considering for your greenhouse? There are plants that love tropic humid environments, while others thrive in hot, dry conditions.

Whichever types of plants you decide to raise you will be able to experiment and control your greenhouse temperature through a heat control unit.

Rope Fasteners
Elimi-knot Pigtail Products allow you to quickly secure virtually any rope up to 1/2 inch without having to tie a knot! Ideal for hanging plants, pots, birdhouses, garden tools, bikes, tying down tarps and loads, etc.

Measure temperature and humidity inside your greenhouse.

With proper ventilation you can continue to grow plants, vegetables and fruit through the summer while you also work in your outdoor garden area.

Cooling your greenhouse, at times, may seem a little more difficult than heating the greenhouse. Once you have survived the first year and are more familiar with how your greenhouse reacts to your climate, knowing how and when to increase heat vs. ventilation will become second nature.

Shade Cloths
Shade cloths will help you control the temperature of your greenhouse.

Watering Systems
No matter how you look at it, your greenhouse needs functional access to water. If you have a direct water hookup to your greenhouse you may even consider using a misting system. This is especially beneficial if you live in an area where the temperature is high throughout the year.

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summer greenhouse kit special

Aerobin 400 Composter Aerobin 400 Composter
Price: $399.99