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Red Cedar Glass Greenhouse

Wooden Greenhouses are often the preferred choice for country gardens, cottage gardens and traditional settings; wood blends easily and naturally within a garden and looks in keeping with the natural environment. In this way a traditional Red Cedar Greenhouse can become a focal point in the garden and positioned in a prominent place.

Red Cedar is free from pitch and naturally resistant to decay by pests and fungi, which makes it an ideal choice for use in a garden setting and much less needy in terms of regular maintenance compared to other softwoods. Red Cedar has excellent insulation properties and when used to make a wooden greenhouse, actually helps to maintain a constant internal temperature inside, providing better conditions for healthy plant growth. It also reduces condensation within the greenhouse.

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Price: $3,149.00
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Grow House Lean to 6x10 Grow House Lean to 6x10
Price: $2,799.00
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