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Vertical Gardening

Want to grow your own food and herbs but don’t have the soil or the space? These Garden Barrels can make a big difference. They hold over 50 plants in just 4 square feet and incorporate composting worms for aeration and fertility. This video will take you step by step though the construction process.

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Two women on a mission to make buildings & homes greener with


Wed, 09 Jul 2014 03:00:09 GMT

In 2012 summer, Supriya Nikumbh went to Singapore for a family vacation and saw vertical gardens at Singapore’s Changi airport. “It looked awesome and created a green effect across the surrounding area and at the same time saved a lot of space. The overall look enlightened an otherwise bland outlook of the entire building and also made it feel alive,” says Supriya. After coming back to Pune, Supriya discussed the concept with her long time friend and college mate Bhairavi Shevade. Both completed their BA Fine Arts together in SNDT College of Pune. … read more on yourstory.com

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How to Make Vertical Succulent Gardens – Sunset


Fri, 24 May 2013 18:56:15 GMT

Easy directions for making vertical succulent gardens using a preassembled frame and cuttings from your garden. Instead of framing a picture, why not a whole garden? Here, cuttings of assorted succulents knit together to create colorful, textural living tapestries.

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Researching: DIY vertical garden ideas that actually look good


Sun, 13 Jul 2014 20:42:16 GMT

In anticipation of creating a fabulous permaculture rooftop garden workshop in Redfern, Sydney – one that includes both well-functioning, edible and beautiful vertical gardens – we’re researching what’s out there in the way of …

In anticipation of creating a fabulous permaculture rooftop garden workshop in Redfern, Sydney – one that includes both well-functioning, edible and beautiful vertical gardens – we’re researching what’s out there in the way of high innovation and low cost.

Our requirements are to build something that uses materials that are either free or cheap, that is water-wise, and that at the end of the day you can make look great – and not like it’s made free or cheap.

Recycling PET bottles is looking like it could be the way to go.

As we all well know, vertical gardens are a great solution to many challenges within urban spaces.

Most cities worldwide (and definitely in Australia) lack sufficient green space, and finding ways to incorporate more of the green stuff in our cities where minimal spare land is available has led to a lot of discussion on the benefits of green walls or vertical gardens and green roofs. Read more …

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Inventory Closeout

We are closing out the EasyGrow Greenhouse line. Our loss is your gain as we clear out space in the warehouse.

These are barn shaped greenhouse kits with much stronger frames than comparably priced kits.  This model comes with 6mm polycarbonate and a free base.

EasyGrow  7 x 9 w/free base

EasyGrow 9 x 9 w/free base

Price: $1,582.00

Sale: $1,100.00
2 left

We are now out of the large easygrows, congratulations to those who got one at below cost.


We have an overstock on the Juliana Compact 12.1 greens so they are marked way down.

Juliana Compact 12.1 Green Juliana Compact 12.1 Green

Price: $4,074.00
Sale: $2,895.00

Don’t Waste Your Greenhouse This Summer | Off The Grid News


Sat, 31 May 2014 21:00:09 GMT

Now that your plants are out of the greenhouse and planted in your garden, is it time to close the door and forget about your greenhouse until next spring? That’s how I used to think. Then something happened that changed …

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Cool your Greenhouse with Enthalphy: Part 2


Tue, 03 Jun 2014 04:29:56 GMT

In summer the greenhouse covering still traps radiant heat from the sun, storing it in air, objects, and evaporating water. But in summer, this is the problem rather than the goal. With my greenhouse still sealed up last March, …

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Summer Aquaponic Greenhouse


This is an update video about my aquaponic based system using a Harbor Freight 10×12 greenhouse. I am still amazed how well most of the plants will grow in it.

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Took a wrong turn

A rare thing happened the other day, I was driving down a road that I don’t normally travel AND I was in NO hurry. I had nowhere I needed to be 5 minutes ago and no pressing engagements. So instead of taking the direct route home, I thought it would be interesting just to see where a few of the roads led.

After a bit of driving and a wrong turn onto a dead end road the asphalt turned to gravel and it was time to turn around.

I wish I had been in my truck so the photo would have been taken from higher up so that you could see the river running right next to this old farmhouse. But you can sure get a good look at their awesome raised bed garden.

dirtroad raised beds


Next time I will bring a “real” camera and ask them to let me take some closeups.



some more photos from around the web


Raised bed of lettuce, tomatoes, 6 different t...


Lower Garden, 8 beds

Lower Garden, 8 beds (Photo credit: pdbreen)


Raised Garden Beds II

Raised Garden Beds II (Photo credit: starmist1)


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We are discontinuing the EasyGrow greenhouse line. The few that are left in the warehouse need to find a home fast so we have discounted them to very low prices.

I never understood why these greenhouses didn’t do better in the U.S. market. I think it is was that in photos they look similar to all the cheap crap coming in from china these days. Of course, these were also made in china but instead of going with the stock thin aluminum frames and untreated 4mm poly we had these made with heavier duty frames and 10mm double walled uv treated polycarbonate.

They aren’t poweder coated as well as the Juliana’s so they will fade a bit over time. However priced at about what a polycarbonate package would cost you are getting the entire greenhouse (including base) with 10mm poly.

As I write this we only have two of these left so if you want one, jump on this deal.

Easy Grow Premium 16 x 8 w/free base
this kit includes
high side walls
8′ tall
4 roof vents
base kit

Easy Grow Premium 16 x 8 w/free base

Easy Grow Premium 16 x 8 w/free base

Price: $4,376.00

Sale: $2,200.00
only 2 left

EasyGrow  7 x 9 w/free base

EasyGrow 9 x 9 w/free base

Price: $1,582.00

Sale: $1,100.00
5 left

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We received these photos of a great greenhouse project from one of our customers and I just had to share them.

The greenhouse looks great and what he has done inside the greenhouse is simply awesome. Raised beds, tiered growing, shade cloth and extremely cool automation.





Lots of green plant development underway in the new greenhouse, I may have to join the local farmer’s market with the harvest I expect.
The Juliana Premium is a really fine design and implementation, I have no regrets with my purchase.
Everything fit together perfectly, which is a testament to the Juliana engineering and manufacturing process.
It’s rigid, stout and robust and I expect it will sustain the worst weather that living in the mountains can throw at it.
Your company’s communication and support throughout the ordering and delivery process were most appreciated.
Good luck with your continued representation of the Juliana product line.
I look forward to many years ahead of fantastic growing experiences.

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