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bromeliads in the greenhouse
by i-saint under CC BY  with greenhouses.com
bromeliads in the greenhouse



I’ve been growing bromeliads and other semi-tropical and tropical plants indoors for many years. My wife has been hounding me to do something with my plants so she can reclaim the living room…. I’m looking for your assistance on greenhouse selection. What brand of greenhouse (freestanding) would be the best quality for our area (Cumberland WI)? I’m looking for a well-insulated greenhouse with pretty much all of the amenities. Also, can you install greenhouses or is it strictly do it yourself? Your guided direction is appreciated. If you have other questions, please let me know. Out of all the greenhouses I’ve looked at online, for some reason I keep coming back to the professional line offered by Juliana.


The best greenhouse on the market with 10mm polycarbonate is the Juliana Premium. You can view these greenhouses at http://www.greenhouses.com/julianapremium.html The majority of greenhouses on the market today have either 4mm or 6mm polycarbonate. The 10mm is very impressive. You do also need to anchor the greenhouse to the ground. Most customers will purchase the galvanized steel base that goes around the bottom perimeter of the greenhouse. In each corner, you dig concrete footings to anchor the base to the ground. These kits are dropshipped directly to your door. Most customers will assemble the greenhouse themselves or hire a local contractor. Depending on the size, assembly takes usually two to three days. We do dropshiop Juliana greenhouses from Red Wing MN. We have a small office and warehouse that you are welcome to visit. We have a Juliana Compact 6.5 on display.

Juliana Premium 9.9 w/ 10mm poly

Juliana Premium 9.9 w/ 10mm poly

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