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Community Gardening

With so many vacant lots around these days there are a lot of community gardens popping up. Bulldozed housing, vacant lots and even the medians of roads are now growing vegetables to feed local communities. I have even seen some groups that have built greenhouses and put in aquaponics systems since they are easy to maintain for gardeners of all abilities.

Community Garden

Community Garden (Photo credit: Plan for Opportunity)

Of course some cities like to regulate everything you do and gardens are no exception

Here is a big project – 140′ long setup in Duluth.

Duluth’s Biggest Community Garden | Duluth Grill


This summer, we’re planning on building a permaculture garden in our back parking lot. The center of the project is a 140-foot long, 12-foot wide, 6-foot high berm, filled with logs and covered with dirt and plants.

And of course whenever movements start hitting the mainstream everyone wants to regulate it

Greenhouse, Fort Mason Community Garden, San F...

Greenhouse, Fort Mason Community Garden, San Francisco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The End of Community Gardening as We Know It? – commmunity


It may be that the winter doldrums are in full force but it seems that everything I read recently or issues that come up about community gardening are changing what the term means. When movements mature they are often

If you are thinking about putting a community garden together for charitable donations here is some info

Start a Community Garden Vegetable Donation Program


Community gardeners can reap more than vegetables from their garden beds if they donate some of their harvest to a neighborhood food pantry. Here are the steps to starting a Plant a Row for the Hungry donation program at

And of course there are always party poopers..

commmunity gardening: Continuing Threats to Community Gardens


Once again we have been reminded that there are people out there who don’t think community gardens are a good idea. The news of two different threats this past week to community gardens in Philadelphia and Camden

community garden, Colorado becominggreenblog.c...

community garden, Colorado becominggreenblog.com/colorado-gardening/garden-update-71… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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