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Greenhouse Base

natural greenhouse floor
by peganum under CC BY-SA  with greenhouses.com
natural greenhouse floor



Do the bases eliminate the need for a gravel base?
Should gravel be put on top the base?


The base is used to anchor the greenhouse to the ground. It goes on the bottom perimeter of the greenhouse. The base is not a floor. In each corner there are ground stakes that you place into concrete footings to anchor the base to the ground. As far as your floor goes, most customers will use pea gravel. The advantage of pea gravel is that is drains well. Another good idea is to put stepping stones down the middle of the greenhouse floor for secure footing.

What’s the best flooring for inside a greenhouse?
—-This is a question that we’re often asked and there is variety of flooring options for greenhouses. Some people pour concrete for a slab but concrete can be very expensive and drainage must be provided. Wooden bases/foundations or wood chips are other options but with the heat and water in the greenhouse, wood rot and insects are always a concern. My favorite greenhouse substrate is a 4-6″ deep gravel floor with concrete pavers or anti-fatigue mats down the walkway. Gravel provides great drainage, acts as passive heating and cooling methods in the greenhouse and is pretty inexpensive too.


What do I do if the greenhouse kit doesn’t include a base?


You can anchor it by using 6×6 landscape timbers. Level the timbers on the ground and bolt the greenhouse to the timbers every two feet.


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