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You know, not all backyards are conductive for good gardening and you may have some horrible soil and heavy clay, lots of rocks, and you can have concrete all in your backyard, but that doesn’t mean you cannot have a garden. The solution is using containers. Now, you can go with just pots, or you can go with a raised bed. The key is knowing how deep a pot you need for the particular plant you are going to grow. Now, a lot of plants require nine to 12 inches of depth to put in your soil. Others are up to 18 especially, if you are going to go with tomatoes. Now, even if you are in a shaded area in your backyard, you can still have a garden. Using your containers you can try to get as much sun as you can but if you cannot have a full eight hours,  go with some other plant. Instead of growing tomatoes, go with cherry tomatoes or , broccoli, Brussels sprouts,  onions. Any of these plants will do well with less sun.

The key to using pot and raised beds is your soil.

A lot of our gardens and even people who have a garden that looks like it’s got a great soil but it doesn’t because there is too much clay. So the key to good results is using good potting soil. Now, a lot of folks as they get more experienced in the garden they have their own formulas,  they mix the potting soil with other things. But,  when getting started there’s a lot of really good potting soils out there and you just have to look at the nursery, pick one up, there is a lot of different types of pots. There’s the large ones, there’s raised bed gardens, and there’s even raised gardens that are you know, raised.

Raised bed gardens are built on a platform, you pour the soil and your garden are great and you don’t have to bend down to work on the garden, they are also easy to use if you are in a wheelchair. So just because you have a lot of rocks, bad soil, or concrete in your backyard it doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden.

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