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Keep the Plants in your Greenhouse watered
by DSLr Book under CC BY-ND  with greenhouses.com
Keep the Plants in your Greenhouse watered


A water supply is essential. Hand watering is acceptable for most greenhouse crops if someone is available when the task needs to be done; however, many hobbyists work away from home during the day. A variety of automatic watering systems is available to help to do the task over short periods of time. Bear in mind, the small greenhouse is likely to have a variety of plant materials, containers, and soil mixes that need different amounts of water.

Time clocks or mechanical evaporation sensors can be used to control automatic watering systems. Mist sprays can be used to create humidity or to moisten seedlings. Watering kits can be obtained to water plants in flats, benches, or pots.

No matter how you look at it, your greenhouse needs functional access to water. If you have a direct water hookup to your greenhouse you may even consider using a misting system. This is especially beneficial if you live in an area where the temperature is high throughout the year.

vanlet greenhouse watering system

vanlet greenhouse watering system

Watering and feeding made simple! The Vanlet Juliana Greenhouse Watering System is an automatic drip irrigation and fertilizer system. This system provides an adjustable flow of water and fertilizer day and night to your greenhouse or outdoor plants. This unit also features an automatic-fill function making this system simple and reliable. This gravity-feed watering device provides continuous drip feeding for your plants.

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