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deck greenhouse

Greenhouse built on a back deck

If you have a small deck a lean-to model greenhouse kit would be the closest option that would work for your application however there is no greenhouse kit that installs the door on the side because it is the shortest dimension of the greenhouse and would not support a full-sized door.


Glass glazing would not be recommended for a greenhouse installed on a deck because of its weight and fragility. The majority of greenhouses are glazed with twin-wall polycarbonate panels which provide a much greater insulation value; is lighter weight and non-breakable. Polycarbonate does not provide the clarity of glass, but in most cases its other benefits make it a more reasonable choice.

Heating and ventilation accessories can be added to any greenhouse based on your specific needs. For your convenience, greenhouse heating requirement calculations are figured by this formula: area of the greenhouse times the (max temperature desired minus the minimum outside temperature) times the heat loss value of the greenhouse glazing.

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