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English: Tropaeolum sp flower around a cotton ...

English: Tropaeolum sp flower around a cotton plant, seed from Greece, germination: Barcelona Català: Flor de caputxina (gènere Tropaeolum) envoltant una planta del cotó, la llavor de la qual provenia de Grècia i va germinar a Barcelona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we talk about starting seeds for our spring gardens we are normally thinking about vegetables. But you can also start flowers from seeds and save a bunch of money vs. buying bedding plants later in the year.

Just like with vegetables you don’t want to use soil to start your flower seeds. Shasta daisy, purple coneflower, columbine, hollyhocks and gaillardia are popular perennials that are among the easiest to grow from seed. Peat pots are great since you can just plant them directly into the soil when your ready. And keep them off your windowsills since cool nights can quickly wipe out your plants. Temps should be around 70 degrees (heated germination mats work great). Most take a week or to to get started and then you want to remove the heat and grow domes.

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She tells Martha Foley that starting perennials from seed is generally a more forgiving project than getting vegetable seedlings ready to go. Timing for the getting young flowers ready for transplanting isn’t so crucial.


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Seed Planning and Starting: That time of year. This morning I purchased seeds for this year. I went mostly flowers because a Master Gardener friend in Wisconsin is growing all vegetables and we are going to split up the


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Well, spring has finally arrived and I’m starting to sow flower seeds for my garden. I’ve been inspired by these photos that I took at Hampton Court Flower Show a couple of years ago. www.andersonlandscapedesign.co.uk



Flower (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

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