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So let’s talk about starting our plants from seed. If you are watching this video and a little unsure about starting our plants by seed. I would much rather go out and just grab a flat and go with plants that are already started. You get them in the greenhouse and let’s get growing. The seeds have always seemed a little bit complicated to me. So I have been doing a little bit of research and been studying up on starting the seeds, and this year here is the plan. You are going to start the seeds in a water saturated soil free mix. Basically, that means we want a moist environment for the seeds and we are going to use something like rockwool or the core products or a hydro ten, but we are not going to use dirt. No soil. We are going to wrap it and we are going to take our seeds and we are going to need to wrap it with plastic wrap, which is very inexpensive or we are going to use one with those little plastic tray tops, little dome covers for it, and we are going to use a seed mat and a little seed heating mat. It is just basically like you have under a water bed. You know, water beds where you just have a heater underneath it. It is flat and there is a thermostat and set it. Most of the soil heating mats they are very inexpensive or at $20 and they are going to keep it around 70˚ to 75˚. That is our start.

Now, when the first plant starts sprouting, we don’t want to wait for all of them. We just, when the first plants start coming out, you want to remove the wrap or we want to remove the dome. We want to turn off the heat. Now, we are ready for lighting and the best thing is grow lights. The best grow lights are inexpensive grow lights because it can be very expensive to buy fancy grow lights. The shop lights are great. Those little four foot shop lights. It used to be like a 40 watt, but now they are TH or T32s or even LED light. But you want a bright lighting and depending on how close you put it down. I mean, you want it pretty close to the seeds. If you have a lot of lights, let’s say it is four bulbs, you might want to turn it off at night for 8 to 10 hours. But if you are  not putting the plants so close, so you don’t have as much light, leave it on 24/7. Light is the key right now for that. Some other things that could really work well is to use quality seeds and we want to steal from our components and use the fish emulsion liquid fertilizers.

You know, with the aquaponic type of set-ups, we have a big tank of fish and that is the fish’s wastes fertilizing all of our plants. Well, that works really well, so let’s use it for our seeds. We also want to have a small fan with just a light breeze blowing over our seeds.  It is going to keep the pest away and keep the bugs away. It is going to strengthen those suckers so that if you are planting them outside or you are going to bring them out of the greenhouse, they are going to be a little bit stronger. One of the things we want to watch out for is once they start doing well, don’t overwater them. Be sure we remove that dome because we don’t want to cause some problems, and the worst case you know, start over. I mean, most seed packs come with so many seeds that if those suckers die on you, pop a new batch and it doesn’t take that long and we will get it going again. And you know for those of us that are a little bit hesitant to do it… Oh, the one thing I have learned is window sills you know, it was like put your seed flats there on the window seal, that is definitely not a great idea because you get probably not enough sun even with South facing, or too intense of sun or not intense enough sun. It is hard to figure it out, so those shop lights work great and they are very inexpensive. You can get a whole kit right at your local Home Depot or Lowes. They are very, very cheap. So let’s set something up like that and good luck with your seeds.


SEED PACK (Photo credit: spike55151)

Renee's Garden Seed Contest

Renee’s Garden Seed Contest (Photo credit: Chiot’s Run)


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