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Hey it’s spring. We’re ready to start growing in our greenhouse. But before we start digging-in down into the soil and planting, it might be a little bit easier on you to start your plants this year in pots. You can use seedling containers, trays, or just standard pots, and the reason we want to do that is because it’s easier to control the environment around the plant. There are two things we’re mainly worried about. One is the soil. We want heavily nutrition-rich soil. We want soil that has high levels of phosphates, pot ash, nitrogen, and it’s easier to do that by just buying a bag of organic soil, putting it in your pots, you have the right mix and you’re ready to go. We want to use a liquid fertilizer to augment that as our plants get started.

The other reason we want to start with pots is we can control the heat, the temperature around it. Now there are two ways to do that. One – we can have our pots on shelves and we can get a seedling mat heater and just unroll it, stick it under our pots, and that will keep the soil temperatures up, 65-70° is what we’re going for there. The other way we could do it is by partitioning off a small area of your greenhouse. What you could do is basically hang some plastic down, and create a tent around our shelf that has all of our pots growing, and we can use a small ceramic heater just to heat that small area. It’ll be much more effective and a lot less expensive to just be heating a very small area inside your greenhouse. So when you’re getting started this year, think about getting started with some pots.

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