Botanica 13.1 Glass Greenhouse

Limited Time Opportunity!

We have received a small amount of Botanica Glass Greenhouses. If you have ever dreamed of a beautiful glass greenhouse, here is your chance to grab a 10'x15' greenhouse INCLUDING 4mm safety glass delivered to your home for under 5k.

Dark grey aluminum
4 windows vents ( two double and two single)
4mm Safety glass
9'8" wide x 14'5" deep x 9' high
5'11 side walls

Botanica 13.1 Glass Greenhouse


summer greenhouse kit special

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Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame, Double Walled Polycarbonate
- up to 65' long
Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame, Double Walled Polycarbonate

Aluminum Frame - Clear SnapGlas

Plastic Frame - 4mm Poly
sunshine.jpg sunglo.jpg sunrise.jpg
Halls Sunshine Sunglo Riga
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  Well, that answers that. Strawberries can be grown in an aquaponic greenhouse. It has been fun to watch them multiple quickly, soon there will be enough to make a smoothie. I tried strawberry towers when I first set up the greenhouse but had a lot of leaking problems. It may be time to try […]

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With the aquaponics setup I have the auto watering covered, but since I am waiting on my fish to grow I don’t have enough fertilizer in the system. The photo above shows a Juliana Vanlet system. It lets you water and fertilize your plants – my plan is to divert some flow from my pump […]

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Nearing the end of March and so far, so good for the greenhouse. The back left tank is FULL of mixed lettuce, half of the back right tank has flowering strawberries and the other half has plenty of green onions. The floating island (with bubbles) has lettuce going – but not nearly as well as […]

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I was very pleased with how the wicking bed project turned out last year that I decided to go “all in” and build a large wicking bed system right next to the greenhouse. Wicking or wicked beds are a neat kind of raised bed garden that are self watering. You build them with a water […]

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